Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Novel Way to Write Creatively

We have just started the process of piecing together a novel in Creative Writing class.  Twenty-five students, each writing one chapter, are figuring out character sketches in the pictures below.  All will use the same information so their chapters make sense in the end, but for now, we are in the creating stage.

Backing up to the beginning of this project, students received several slips of blank paper to record ideas so we can randomly yet in an orderly way figure out the basics of the novel. A box was placed at the front of the classroom, and students submitted their ideas each time we had a decision to make about where the novel would go.  First we brainstormed on the board the potential types of fiction as a class; from that list, students individually submitted their choices. Fantasy was drawn by the student chosen to be the selector and the novel had a genre.  Next we determined settings for the movel, so the drawee selected five of the twenty-five suggestions for time and place and those places will house the entire novel's plot.    Then students wrote character names and brief descriptions.  We decided six characters would be plenty for this novice novel, and that's how we ended up with Jericho, John, Carson Clayson, Semilla, Julie, and Skylar.  Then students submitted ideas for the title, and voila, Broken Wing it is.  Finally, we chose chapter names in the same way.  Students submitted two ideas on two pieces of paper. Then we numbered the chapters, one per student, drew an option, and that became chapter 1; we also drew out a student's name to match up an author with a chapter.  Here is the first sketch of the  project's foundation.  To determine more fully who these characters are, the class was divided into six groups and created this for all students to reference as needed.  Finally, each student is assigned a chapter per day.  The first student wrote chapter 1 for Feb. 10th.  The second student will write chapter two for Feb. 11th and so on until March 17th when the last chapter is due.  I'll update the blog when that occurs.  Who knows what will become of this project.

Title: Broken Wing
Characters (6):
Jericho, angel, appears to be 18 age and origin unknown, black hair, blue eyes,
lean and wiry, wears jeans, a black plain t-shirt with a dark green jacket and
pale skin. His personality is cold, calculating, quiet and stern, observes and
speaks coldly, jerkish and moody
Semilla: origin, born in the underworld, sad, bipolar, hairy
Julie, red hair, blue eyes, short, 18, smart, shy but tough, loves to sing but only in
the dark alone, determined but scared but brave, can never balance the
John:  origin Italy, short, chubby, 25, fat arms, rolls around everywhere
Clayton Carson:  Manipulative, sly, works alone, sociopathic, seems personable,
from England, 19, birthday on June 4, tall, handsome, dark hair, blue eyes
Skylar:  lost, 17, girl, long blonde hair, green eyes, average, very sassy, listens to
music because she is alone, born in Illinois, impatient

Plot: Skylar is missing and many are out to find her for both good and bad reasons.
Setting: (see the last part of each chapter listed below)

Genre:  Fantasy

Ch. 1 Danny “Goodbye”  Italy 6829 AD
Ch. 2 Mariah “Tales of Draccosack” 2083 underground
Ch. 3 Kelsie “The End of the Unicorns” Spring time in the magical faerie forest
Ch. 4 Gabrielle “Fading Away” 1442 Bulgaria, midmorning
Ch. 5 Ivette “The Fantastic Wilma Wigoo” 1997, Edinburg, Texas

Ch. 6 Jessica “The Fearsome Adventures”Italy 6829 AD
Ch. 7. Esmerelda “Float”  2083 underground
Ch. 8 Jocelyn “The Fall” Spring time in the magical faerie forest
Ch. 9 Kelvin “Wonderland” 1442 Bulgaria, midmorning
Ch. 10 Erika “Expecting Trouble” 1997, Edinburg, Texas

Ch. 11 Jaleesa “Visiting the Neighbors” The Fearsome Adventures”Italy 6829 AD
Ch. 12 Fernando “Unicorn and the Castle” 2083 underground
Ch. 13 Kate “The Rival Kingdom” Spring time in the magical faerie forest
Ch. 14 Laci “Unicorn Lays Eyes on Rainbow Puff” 1442 Bulgaria, midmorning
Ch. 15Karen “Inside”  1997, Edinburg, Texas

Ch. 16 Juan “Fairy Underworld” The Fearsome Adventures”Italy 6829 AD
Ch. 17 Kimberly “Frozen” 2083 underground
Ch. 18 Alisha “Red Velvet Cake Time” Spring time in the magical faerie forest
Ch. 19 Sarai “The Floating Car” 1442 Bulgaria, midmorning
Ch. 20 Lizzie “Unicorn in Love” 1997, Edinburg, Texas

Ch. 21 Varinia “Turned 18 and Everything Changed” Italy 6829 AD
Ch. 22Diana “The Magical Discovery”  2083 underground
Ch. 23Raquel “The Found Remains” Spring time in the magical faerie forest
Ch. 24 Alejandra “Surprise”  1442 Bulgaria, midmorning
Ch. 25 DeAnna “Parallel House” 1997, Edinburg, Texas

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