Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fall Semester 2011 Top Ten Moments

#10.  Writing recommendations for students I know will become future success stories.
#9.    Working beside Ms. Gunn, a great addition to Storm Lake High School.
#8.    Being planked during 8th hour Composition class  (I wish I had a picture).
#7.    Being amazed by the Accelerated English students' in-depth blogging assignments over five novels supplemented with current events, poetry, allusions, vocabulary and pictures. This task was nearly trumped by the My Antonia newscast done early in the semester.
#6.  Working with the first hour Elements of Writing students who researched and wrote about their interests, which created interesting writing. I learned about the Illuminati, skateboarding, dance, an underdog football player, music, the lady in black, and many others.
#5.  Teaching Introduction to Literature. The 5th hour students were a refuge in the middle of the day.  Who would have thought that explications and critical analyses during a pre-lunch class could be so relaxing and intellectually stimulating?
#4.  Having a new advisory group. It is the beginning of a four-year bond.
#3.  Watching the Composition students learn to objectively and confidently critique peer and their own written work. The profiles challenged them, but the outcome is a wonderful heirloom and achievement.
#2.  Learning what makes the students tick, and noticing how they find ways to reach the goals they set for themselves.
#1.  Being reminded once again that students want to learn.  They may complain, procrastinate, seemingly ignore, or even dread, but when it comes down to it, they want to be proud of actually accomplishing tasks they were not sure they could master.