Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Read Shakespeare?


Why Read Shakespeare?

1. Because Shakespeare will challenge you to go beyond your reading comfort zone.
2.  Because you will learn new words and phrases.
3.  Because you will have firsthand expertise at understanding Shakespearean references in songs, movies, and books.
4.  Because you will remember this literature.
5.  Because you will get used to paying attention to punctuation marks, signal words, and clever word usage in order to comprehend the complex sentence structure.
6.  Because you will get used to interpreting figurative language.
7.  Because the themes in Shakespeare's work still abound.
8.  Because you will research the references you do not understand (a.k.a. independent learning)
9.  Because even though you know how the plays end, you will be mesmerized by Shakespeare's telling of the tale.
10.  Because you can be inspired to be a word wizard in your own writings.
11.  Because there's nothing like knowing you had to work hard to comprehend, and you did it.  That kind of confidence comes only from taking on a challenge.

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